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    gallon bucket water production line
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    HSG 3-5 gallon bucket water production line
    HSG 3-5 gallon bucket water production line
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    Applicable products: pure water, mineral water, mountain spring water, etc.

    Applicable container: 3-5 gallons (13-18.9L)
    Filling method: mechanical valve filling, flow meter filling or laser positioning liquid valve filling
    Production capacity: 300—3000BPH

     HSG automatic 3-5 gallon bottled drinking water production line series: according to the output per hour including the following models:HSG-150, HSG-300, HSG-450, HSG-600, HSG-900(Linear/Rotary), HSG-1200 type (linear/rotary), HSG-1800 (linear/rotary), HSG-2000 (linear/rotary), HSG-2400 (linear/rotary), HSG-3000 (linear/rotary)


     This series of production lines consist of an automatic film cutting machine, automatic cap removal machine, automatic external washing machine, automatic internal washing and  disinfection machine, automatic filling machine, automatic capping/disinfection machine, light inspection box, steam shrink film machine, automatic bagging machine, automatic palletizing unit. The system has complete functions, novel design, full PLC control, a high degree of automation and stable performance.

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