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    HSG 8-15L automatic 4-in-1 disposable bottled water filling machine(Customizable)
    HSG 8-15L automatic 4-in-1 disposable bottled water filling machine(Customizable)
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    Application: pure water, mineral water, mountain spring water, etc.

    Bottle Volume: 8L-15L

    Filling method: mechanical valve filling or electronic valve filling
    Production capacity: 600—3000BPH

    HSG8-15L automatic 4-in-1 disposable bottled water filling machine is a fully automatic one integrating disinfection, washing, filling and capping.This equipment is simple and reasonable in structure, with few components, small-size of installation space, cost-saving in production, High productivity and stable operation. The parts inside the filling machine in contact with the solution are made of food-grade 316/321 highly polished stainless steel hygienic material.


    1.The host adopts human interface automatic control technology.

    2.The hanging bottle mouth structure is convenient for the changeover, only need to adjust the conveying height and a few parts.

    3.The capping head adopts a magnetic twisting device to ensure the quality of the cap and will not damage the cap

    4.Adopt an efficient capping management system, with perfect cap feeding technology and protection device.

    5.The bottle is washed with a robotic arm, turned over and rinsed at 180°,which effectively avoids damage to the bottle and secondary pollution.

    6.Equipped with perfect protection settings, which effectively protect the safety of equipment and operators.


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